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Translation production

Translation production

Translation production services for all types of business –  we offer a comprehensive multi-lingual service with full technical support – the complete English and foreign language pre-press service.

Our experts can provide multiple language documents in various different formats including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher) Adobe (PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker), Quark XPress, AutoCAD. From the existing artwork template we can produce alternative language versions which look as good as the original, checking hyphenation, copy fitting and choice of fonts.

  • Word processing and typesetting
  • Desk top publishing facilities
  • Proofreading
  • Artwork and printing
  • Multi-lingual project management – all the way from the translated word to the printed page whatever the format – the total package.

Please think about original software format. As mentioned we can cater for any software format with the simplest and most cost effective method being supply of a word file for overwriting by the translator. Please supply any material that is relevant to the translation required.

Think desktop publishing

Today not only do we expect excellent expert linguistic ability but also first class computer skills – the computer is the key. Many documents are produced as pdf files and with our software package we are able to convert them into word files for overwriting in the required language.

Think multi-lingual project management

We excel in multi-lingual project management with a small dedicated team of in-house staff and a database of free-lance translators to provide the level of service clients expect. This arrangement has allowed for continual expansion and flexibility as we are able to access the most appropriate translator with the right language combination and technical capability for any particular project.

Think proofreading

If a document is for information purposes standard computer checking is usually sufficient. If, however, a document is for publication although standard computer checking will be carried out, it may require a secondary proofreading service. For example, your document has been translated and then typeset ready for publication. With typesetting, it is essential that the document is checked prior to publication.