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Chinese Translation

Chinese Translation

Chinese translation – Europa Translations Ltd aims to translate from and into all languages – in fact, the entire language spectrum from Albanian to Zulu!

Mandarin only refers to a kind of spoken dialect based in Beijing. There are two kinds of Chinese characters in use today, i.e. Simplified Chinese (to ease the study some characters were simplified by the Chinese government in 50s) in the mainland China and Singapore and Traditional Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Any Chinese article written either in Simplified Chinese or in Traditional Chinese can be read out in Mandarin or Cantonese or any other local dialects in China.

We translate from English into Chinese using only qualified experienced native Chinese translators who specialise in your business sector. If you require a translation into Chinese for publication in whatever format the key is not only speed and accuracy but quality. You need to know that your English has been understood and has been conveyed in the best possible Chinese whether for technical, legal, medical or marketing purposes. If you want the best results and want to ensure that the translator understands your original English the best solution is to use a native Chinese translator living in the UK.

We translate from Chinese into English using only qualified experienced native English translators who specialise in your business sector. If you require a translation from Chinese it is usually for information purposes and the key to this requirement is not only quality but speed and accuracy.

We provide translations from and into Chinese in all areas – technical including manufacturing and engineering, patent, legal, financial, commercial, marketing, website, pharmaceutical, medical and scientific.

With a large database of specialist translators we aim to match your requirements perfectly. We only use mother tongue translators with university degrees, postgraduate degrees in technical and specialised translation and language qualifications from the Institute of Linguists or Institute of Translation and Interpreting. All work is supervised by a co-ordinator, processed by a translator and then checked by our in-house language specialists. Europa Translations Ltd are members of the Association of Translation Companies and Institute of Linguists.