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We can provide you with a professional interpreter who will give you the confidence that you are being understood at conference, consecutive or ad-hoc level

Using our comprehensive database we aim to select interpreters who match your requirements in terms of linguistic ability and suitability for the assignment. We offer a highly flexible service to ensure that your company is promoted at the right level depending on your initial requirements.

Conference interpreting occurs at multi-national meetings where information is interpreted almost simultaneously. As well as interpreters we are able to supply the relevant equipment ensuring the success of your event.

Consecutive interpreting takes place after a short speech or sentence and is used at group discussions or in court proceedings.

Ad-hoc interpreting is suitable for small meetings such as a visit to the dentist, doctor or solicitor.

We can provide:

  • Interpreters for conferences where the highest level of linguistic ability is required.
  • Interpreters for business meetings or factory visits which need the right level of technical expertise.
  • Interpreters for training courses.
  • Interpreters for telephone calls.
  • Interpreters for exhibitions where you need to maximise the promotion of your company’s services.
  • Interpreters for court appearances qualified to work in the legal environment.
  • Recording artists for voice-overs, audio-visual presentations and videos.